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Value Proposition

Multi-year impact report details

  • Study derived from HealthReach data over a 10-year period
  • Includes data from 56,897 cases with member required to be on the plan during the entire measurement period
  • Graph shows size of the sample of cases with sufficient claims history to compare the year prior to case opening and number of years post case closure
  • Baseline of data 1 year prior to a case opening
  • Post case closure annual costs
  • Multiple year trends after HealthReach case has closed
Cost savings trend

  • 35 pt. glucose decrease
  • 31 pt. cholesterol drop
  • 36% pain decrease
  • 8 lb. reduction
  • 3.4 exercise days/week average from 1.2
  • 21% quit smoking
  • 46% reduction in cigarettes
  • 2x stress techniques increase
  • 33% stress decrease

HCS in Action

During her intake call, this member was so tearful and upset she could barely speak. In addition to her weight problems, she had hypertension and extensive financial and psychosocial stressors. Drinking several servings of soda each day and staying relatively inactive, she had multiple care gaps and did not have an initial screening colonoscopy yet. Fortunately, her Care Manager has provided extensive support, addressing the member’s questions and concerns about the program, and gradually gaining her trust. The Care Manager’s coaching sessions provided realistic strategies to improve diet, stress levels, and overall health. When complaining of fatigue and sleeping problems, her Care Manager also encouraged her to ask for a sleep apnea evaluation. She ended up participating in a sleep study and reported fantastic results, never having slept better before in her life! She now reports having more energy and is more focused on reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. At graduation, she was extremely appreciative of the support and assistance, saying that she often chats with friends and family about how happy she has become!

Success Story Portrait 1

HCS to the Rescue

This truck driver had a stressful year. After neglecting to see a doctor for an annual physical, eating a lot of carbohydrates and fast food and drinking soda at least 3 times a week, he was unable to maintain a healthy weight. Fortunately, his Care Manager provided extensive verbal coaching and education, making sure to follow up with written materials for reference. By getting the member in touch with contacts who focused on identifying and implementing realistic and sustainable results, he saw vast improvements in diet and daily exercise. Additionally, the Care Manager encouraged him with helpful tips like ordering hamburgers with no bun to lower carb intake. With positive reinforcement and continuing support, this member sought out a new doctor and closed almost all gaps in care. By switching to a healthier diet, the member is now losing weight, lowering their blood pressure and cholesterol and proudly reports blood sugars have dropped by 200! Meeting his criteria for a 1-year DOT card he says, “I have HCS in my phone, I always answer when you call. I can’t thank you enough for all your help.”

Success Story Portrait 2